Getting cleaning business insurance and bonding couldn’t be any easier. All you need is to send us the following information:

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  • The amount you want to be bonded for
  • Number of employees that work for the business
  • State you are headquartered in

Many people dream of starting their own cleaning service but don’t understand everything that’s needed to start a business. It takes more than just a few customers and cleaning supplies to properly start your business. There are other tools that you’ll need to arm your business in order to have some essential tools needed to protect yourself and your potential customers.

Most new business owners don’t understand why they’d need a surety bond to clean houses. However, arming your business with a surety bond is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself and your customers. Cleaning business surety bonds are put in place to protect the customer who’s paying for the cleaning service. This bond lends credibility to your cleaning service because it’s voluntary and it protects the homeowner form theft. In essence, these bonds are a way of telling a potential customer that their belongings will be safe from theft.


It’s important to develop a fundamental understanding of what surety bonds are. Imagine that a bond is somewhat like insurance. It protects all parties involved when it comes to a service or services performed by a business for a recipient. It’s a way of telling the recipient that if anything goes wrong the recipient will be compensated and/or the problem will be fixed. Having a surety could help you to get more customers because there is a guarantee in place. This makes hiring a business that you are not familiar with less scary when they are bonded. A surety is a safety measure put in place to ensure that the recipient will get the services that were requested according to the guidelines of the contract.

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Cleaning Bonds Protects the Business Owner & the Client

Many business owners don’t understand how to get bonded for a cleaning business. Plus, they don’t understand how a bond works. Bonds not only protects your customer, it protects you too. In fact, it protects the business owner from any financial losses based upon poor financial decisions, damages, unethical decisions, or a failure to follow any applicable laws.

Even someone who is starting their own cleaning business needs this. Even if you clean residential homes, it’s helpful to be able to legally guarantee your customers that none of their belongings will be taken and that you and your employees will perform all the cleaning tasks as agreed. Unfortunately, many newcomers in the cleaning business don’t know how to get bonded for a cleaning business. However, this is something that anyone who is serious about running a successful cleaning operation should do.

What Does a House Cleaning Surety Bond Exclude?

It’s important to note that a house cleaning surety bond does not cover any damage to the home you are cleaning. Although a surety bond does give a business more credibility, it does not protect the business owner from having to cover their own damages should an accident occur while a cleaning service is performed. The fundamental benefit of having a cleaning bond is to ensure your customers that they will be protected from theft while your company is cleaning their property. If your business is more commercial janitorial and requires a janitorial bond, we can help as well. No matter how big or small your operation is.

How to become bonded for a cleaning business

It’s important to understand that you don’t have to be licensed and bonded as a business unless you work for a local government agency or a corporate business. Of course, it looks good to potential customers if you are licensed and bonded anyway.

However, it’s important to understand when it’s required and when it’s not. The process of becoming licensed and bonded is actually simple. You register your business with the secretary of state and get a business license. Licensing your business allows you to legally operate your business in the state. After this step, you can contact an insurance agent to get a bond. You can go through an insurance agency or a bonding company. Once you understand how to get bonded for a cleaning business you can quickly and easily start the process.

What is the difference between a Bond and Insurance

A bond functions similarly to insurance but there are big differences. If you get a $10,000 bond to cover a commercial client and accidentally damage the carpet while cleaning it, the bond would pay for any damage to the carpet right away. You would have no deductibles to pay or premium to meet. However, you’d have to pay the bond back. In essence, a bond works like a loan in some ways. The bonding agency covers any damages right away and you pay them back.

Insurance could be considered more expensive because you make monthly payments regardless of whether an accident happens or not. Plus, you are required to pay a deductible and meet a certain premium. However, the amount an insurance company will pay for a damaged item can far exceed the monthly payments and the deductible and you never have to pay it back. Although a bond and insurance have some similarities, there are significant differences.

It’s clear that investing in a bond for your cleaning business can be a smart move. You build credibility which can be helpful in getting more customers. It’s also good to know that should anything happen, there’s a company that will take care of things in the event that property comes up missing. It not only creates peace of mind for both existing and future customers, but it also protects you in some ways as well.

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