Supporting the global supply chain is supporting world commerce.

The North American trucking industry is one component of the Global Supply Chain that NFP supports through risk management processes designed to measure and control the total cost of risk. We offer many insurance solutions for the trucking industry from conventional insurance policies to captive insurance programs for both common and private carriers.

Every trucking insurance program is as unique as the operation it is designed to insure. Wherever your operation is located or the nature of the business at NFP we maintain a core group of transportation experts within our North American specialty vertical team. Our specialty transportation team understands how time sensitive and nimble trucking fleets work environments are and how important it is to support them with solutions to the challenges faced every day.

NFP is able to provide insurance solutions for trucking operations in every area of the business:

The trucking sector of the transportation industry includes inbound and outbound transportation management, fleet management, warehousing, materials handling, order fulfillment, logistics network design, inventory management, supply and demand planning, third-party logistics management, and other support services. Logistics services are involved at all levels in the planning and execution of the movement of goods. Trucking companies can operate either independently or through freight carriers or shipping agents. The vast majority of trucks are single owner/operators that may lease to a carrier or operate under their own authority.

Insuring the Cargo - Cargo insurance covers property while it is in the course of transit, which could be on a truck, train, boat, plane, etc. It is important to ensure that the cargo insurance coverage is written to cover all property that is being transported relative to the specific peril.

Warehouse Exposure - Companies that operate extended storage or warehouse facilities have the need for a warehouse legal liability policy. Essentially, the exposure of a warehouse is similar to a common carrier, and the warehouse legal liability policy is comparable to a cargo policy in that it's designed to cover liability imposed upon the warehouseman for loss or damage to property of others while in their care, custody, or control

Contingent Cargo & Contingent Auto – A contingent cargo policy will cover the loss to cargo that the third party logistics company is legally liable for due to a covered cause of loss from the trucking company they hired to haul the load. A contingent cargo policy is something a trucking company would purchase because the contingent cargo policy is relying on the trucking companies cargo policy to respond on a primary basis and the contingent cargo policy to only respond if the trucking company's policy does not respond.

Transportation & Trucking Industries Served:

  • Trucking operations from long-haul to last mile carriers regardless of the freight hauled.
  • Freight Forwarders, load brokers and 3PL’s
  • Courier & package delivery Services
  • Household moving Companies
  • Air freight services
  • Marine and intermodal operators
  • Tow truck operations
  • Public and municipal transport operators
  • Warehouse, pick & pack operators and bulk break operations