The costs of participating in team sports – from youth sports to adult leagues – have skyrocketed.

Sports teams and leagues rely heavily on pre-paid, nonrefundable tuition and fees to meet significant budgets for coaches, referees, equipment, facility rentals, insurance and more. So how do families protect their prepaid, nonrefundable tuition and fees if an athlete is unable to play? This may be due to athlete or family injury or sickness or relocation of the family.

An Easy Solution That Benefits All

The STEP Sports Tuition Expense Protection program provides an easy solution that benefits both the participant’s family and the organization. The participant’s family receives financial reimbursement, and the organization leaves its budget intact. As a result, the relationship between the organization and family is maintained and, as an ancillary benefit, the pressure of rushing back to the team is lessened, allowing the athlete time to address the reason for the absence.

What Does Sports Tuition Expense Protection Cover?




Ice Hockey




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Great Sports Tuition Expense Protection, Affordable Price

The program can be placed by the organization for all participants or offered as an option, with minimal commitment from the organization. Either way, it offers great sports tuition expense protection at an affordable price with limited paperwork.


Is COVID-19 covered?

Yes, contracting COVID-19 would be covered, provided that it is substantiated by an attending physician or a lab report of a positive test administered and supervised by an accredited third-party laboratory (such as CVS, Walgreens, etc.). Results solely from an at-home test are not acceptable.

Who is the insurance carrier?

The carrier is Arch Insurance Company, part of Arch Capital Group Ltd ., which includes Arch’s insurance operations in the United States and Canada. Arch is an A+ rated* insurance carrier providing specialty risk solutions to clients worldwide across a wide range of industries.

What is covered in the Sports Tuition Expense Protection program?

The Sports Tuition Expense Protection will respond if an athlete or a close family member is injured or sick and as a result the athlete cannot play all or a portion of the season. There also may be coverage available in the event your family is relocated or moves and can no longer participate in the sport.

What are the benefits of the Sports Tuition Expense Protection program?

Sports Tuition Expense Protection program will reimburse your pre-paid and nonrefundable tuition and fees for the portion of playing time missed for a covered reason. How much does it cost? In most cases, about what you would pay for a hockey stick! The premium is based on the sport, the athlete’s age, and the cost of tuition.

The Sports Tuition Expense Protection, as described herein, is not available in the following states: Idaho, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington. In New York, it is available on an individual basis only and does not include Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits for the athlete. The Relocation benefit under the Sports Tuition Expense Protection is not available in Tennessee and Virginia.

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