In this dynamic market, it’s critical to be prepared for challenges.

As an owner of real estate assets there's a lot to keep track of and a lot at stake. NFP’s real estate experts offer specialized, market-leading capabilities to owners of real estate assets.

Running an organization is easier when you can anticipate changes and plan ahead. When it comes to insurance, rate increase surprises are an unwelcome challenge. Insurance costs are a direct expense to your assets and increased cost adversely impacts the value of an asset. Having a partner that consistently commu­nicates changes in the market – and presents ideas to mitigate increased expenses as the market shifts – allows you to stay focused.

Advocacy, Access and Excellence

The Real Estate Group specializes in complex risk, and delivering both creative program designs and access to alternative markets. We’re focused on, advocating for our clients and offering a flexible, customized service model tailored for each client’s needs.

Our approach recognizes your highly fluid environment and we will provide a team and process with continuous engagement and communication. We will bring our expertise and specialization to the program renewal, utilizing extensive risk review and analysis. We like to plan with a three to five year time horizon. For firms that have complex risks and operations, we will provide holistic and innovative solutions, including multiple program options and structures tailored to your unique needs.

Contract Review

Your NFP team is well versed in reviewing loan, management and construction agreements. We pride ourselves in doing so in a collaborative manner: specialized experts review documents to best ensure the insurance policies work and respond as desired. The team will opine on coverage deficiencies and work with all parties to obtain an amicable resolution. Additionally, NFP provides a further review through an employed lawyer who will offer risk advisory in connection with specific questions related to contractual risk transfer.

Benchmarking Information

With extensive data and analytics professionals on staff, we utilize traditional data and analytical platforms for benchmarking purposes, or build customized models when needed and required. When benchmarking, the unbiased data serves as a meaningful database comprised of information reported by over 40 different brokerages. This independent benchmarking analysis highlights whether we are attaining program optimization based on limits, retention and pricing, and can reveal the need for improvements in the insurance placement.

Steadfast Partnership

Owners choose NFP for our deep knowledge of the nuances and complexities of real estate, and our understanding of how risk affects strategy, financials, operations and people.

We have deep partnerships across insurers paired with the independence to do what’s right for our clients, giving us the ability to deliver expertise and value anywhere you’re operating.