Businesses and the people who manage them face many risks in today’s ever-changing world.

Managing properties comes with a number of exposures and risks, both obvious and hidden. Working with high-level clients, information, systems and services, exposures can be everywhere. NFP’s experts understand that the last thing you’re looking for is another distraction, and we’re poised to work with you to keep your important people productive and protected.

With extensive data and analytics professionals on staff, we utilize traditional data and analytical platforms for benchmarking purposes, or build customized models when needed and required. When benchmarking, the data serves as a meaningful database comprised of information reported by over 40 different brokerages. This independent benchmarking analysis highlights whether we are attaining program optimization based on limits, retention and pricing, and can reveal the need for improvements in the insurance placement.

Broad Access, Strong Networks

Our Real Estate Group’s management liability experts are seasoned professionals with decades in the industry, and maintain deep relationships with all the major carriers. Through these contacts, we can access the best options for you. We’re proud to leverage those relationships to tailor an insurance program that’s specific to your operation’s needs, including special coverage attention toward:

  • Crime insurance
  • Cyber insurance
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Employment practice liability
  • Professional liability insurance (E&O)
  • Fiduciary liability
  • General partnership liability
  • In-depth claims analysis
  • Kidnap and ransom insurance
  • Mergers and acquisitions liability

We dig deep, analyzing your financial information, combing through your website and digging through any other public data. Then we meet with your risk manager and other key personnel to understand your company’s culture, management’s appetite for risk and the prospects for future growth. After we’ve assessed your company and its needs, we determine which insurers are best qualified for the job.

Talk with us today about setting up comprehensive protection for your firm and your people.