Real property can present environmental and pollution exposures that aren’t covered by commercial general liability policies.

Environmental liabilities are often overlooked, frequently underestimated, and sometimes catastrophic. Because of this, it’s vital to understand the risks and associated liabilities arising from direct actions and/or indirect actions.

It’s important to partner with an insurance professional who understands the potential environmental liabilities your organization may face. NFP works with the environmental insurance marketplace every day. We look at all of your risks holistically to make sure your coverage is complete, and we have experience negotiating long-term policies to better address even your most complex exposures.

Our property experts can work with our environmental risk team to help your operation counter risk with best-in-class solutions. We can assist with a broad scope of coverages and policies, including standard pollution legal liability and cleanup costs, products pollution liability, risk transfer on deals involving polluted property, and contractors’ pollution.

Contact us to access the in-house expertise you need to analyze your exposure to risk and develop and negotiate insurance products that address your single or multifaceted environmental exposures, including:

  • Construction defects that result in environmental releases after certificate of occupancy and before expiration of statute of repose
  • Environmental indemnification assumed in commercial lending agreements
  • Environmental indemnification assumed in purchase and sales agreement for real estate transactions
  • Force majeure events that suspend contractual assumptions
  • Risk of loss assumed under bill of lading
  • Disposal of hazardous material
  • Exacerbation of existing pollution events
  • Leaking fuel storage tank
  • Midnight dumping of hazardous materials
  • Newly created pollution conditions
  • Title V air emissions violation

No matter what considerations your current holdings require, trust NFP to guide you through the environmental insurance process and help you invest in appropriate the proper pollution liability coverage.