Discover more secure coverage tailored to your goals and needs.

Real estate risk management is complicated. Whether you're a developer, owner or manager of real estate assets, effectively protecting your portfolio – regardless of its size – requires the support of a team dedicated to the real estate industry with solutions that protect owners of commercial and residential properties against a variety of risks.

NFP’s Real Estate Group provides deep industry and product expertise for developers, owners and managers of real estate assets. We combine the advantages of working with a large global broker or a small regional broker into one integrated offering that’s focused exclusively on effectively protecting commercial and residential real estate portfolios – regardless of size – against a variety of complex risks.

Professionals across the real estate life cycle choose us for our deep knowledge of the nuances and complexities of the industry, and our first-hand understanding of how risk affects strategy, financials, operations and people. Our significant scale, deep partnerships across insurers and independence to do what’s right for our clients give us the ability to deliver exceptional expertise, value and results.

Industry Support from True Experts

Our team is dedicated to real estate — it’s all we do, day in and day out. Every team member of the Real Estate Group is a real estate specialist with experience working exclusively with investors, owners, operators and developers. Our team averages 15+ years of industry-specific experience so we understand the challenges and factors specific to the commercial, industrial and multi-family real estate communities.

We’re committed to learning as the landscape evolves. We continually build our expertise to remain at the forefront of developments in the real estate sector so we can identify opportunities for our clients and help them prepare for emerging challenges.

Future-Forward Tech and Analytics

By providing access to industry-leading data, analytics and technology, we help our real estate clients make informed, data-driven insurance purchasing decisions. The Real Estate Group helps clients refine their data to maximize quality, value and effectiveness, and utilize stress testing and benchmarking to ensure programs remain aligned with the evolving needs of each portfolio.

Dedicated Professionals, Nimble Service

Our flexible service model allows us to customize the experience to each client’s needs. The service we deliver is a critical component of the value we provide and elevates the effectiveness of our focused expertise and tailored solutions.

Examples of our exceptional service include:

  • COIs issued within 24 hours
  • Policies issued within 14 days of receipt from market
  • Invoicing/allocations within 14 days after inception
  • Renewal certificates issued 72 hours after bind order
  • Leases, lender agreements and contracts reviewed within 24 hours
  • 24/7 availability
  • Diligent claims advocacy with access to counsel

Our staff-to-client ratio and high employee retention rate ensure the stability and consistency essential to high quality service. These factors also allow us to provide proprietary manuscript policy forms that are carrier approved and claims tested, coverage interpretation, contract reviews, integrated placement expertise, and dedicated claims advocacy. We openly collaborate with our colleagues in other specialty areas, including construction, benefits and individuals solutionslife insurance and wealth management – to offer additional value and insight to our real estate clients.

Innovative Approaches to Risk

With a clear understanding of your unique goals and needs, we embrace the opportunity to look at challenges differently and solve them creatively and effectively. Innovative solutions we’ve introduced to clients include:

  • Parametric solutions (weather, wildfire, loss of attraction, terrorism)
  • Special perils (financial loss without physical damage trigger)
  • Customized premium allocation tools
  • Program diagnostics
  • Alternative risk transfer (insuring the insured)
  • Custom captive integration
  • Deductible buy downs and aggregates

Together, we’ll take the time to understand where you are and help you build where you want to go.