A simple coverage analysis is not adequate in assessing transactional exposures in today’s world of evolving risks, agile business strategies and rapid growth.

While the scope of diligence and lines of inquiry will vary as a function of deal size, transaction structure and industry, we dedicate ourselves to identifying gaps, opportunities and potential pitfalls.

Contractual Liability and Assumed Risk

Indemnity requirements of sophisticated counterparties – customers and vendors – are increasingly driving insurance coverage and limits for professional services and consulting companies that have direct or incidental contact with personally identifiable information (PII). This may require significant insurance expenditures to keep up with customers’ demands for greater insurance protection. We review a client’s material contracts to understand the current and likely future insurance requirements, which in turn allows financial modelling to provide greater degree of certainty.

Capital Expenditures

As insurance markets harden, property insurers will continue to push their insureds for greater loss prevention investment. We look at historical and planned capital expenditures to identify unexpected costs.

Earnings Quality

High-growth firms, as well as those trying to creatively manage cash flows, might utilize a number of accounting tools to impact quality of earnings. These practices are often overlooked by those not well-versed in both insurance and accounting for insurance. We look across financial reports, data and policies to help improve your visibility. We can also dive deeper into specific risk areas, including cyber and environmental risks, and review and quantify the underlying exposures that drive insurance purchasing decisions.