In the M&A world, nobody likes surprises. Protect against the unknown with the support of deeply knowledgeable specialists.

Insufficient due diligence, limited line of sight into a target company’s financials and more can lead to transaction challenges and frustrations. Each private equity or other merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction comes with its own complex risks, making it essential to work with partners who have the specialized expertise required to thrive in the face of uncertainty. The Private Equity Group is composed of several focused teams:

We are a team of specialists – former M&A attorneys, seasoned transaction insurance specialists, and private equity professionals – who have the depth of knowledge and experience to leverage the full spectrum of insurance products on behalf of our clients. We look at risk transfer across all potential capital markets, including insurance, reinsurance and other market forms.

We engage the most sophisticated insurers and alternative capital providers to get difficult-to-underwrite, complex risks placed with optimized pricing and retention structure, and the broadest coverage terms negotiated for the insured.

Support from Industry Veterans

Our experience tells us that successful transactions require A-team expertise and seasoned capabilities that reflect a clear understanding of the dynamics of complex deals. Therefore, senior members of the Private Equity Group manage all aspects of an engagement, from an initial discussion, to policy negotiation, to claims advocacy.

We structure and negotiate customized policies that interact seamlessly with the terms of the acquisition agreement. In addition, our team carefully reviews due diligence reports, loss runs, financial statements and other underwriting materials to gain a detailed understanding of the substance and scope of potential coverage issues. Our hands-on approach also enables us to advocate on our clients’ behalf, letting them and their counsel focus on other aspects of the transaction.

Taking a Future-Forward Approach

Our ability to ask the right questions and develop the solutions required to navigate the unique risks of each deal is the difference our clients need to continue their success.

We utilize all available technology to advance the needs and insights of our clients, pursuing a best-in-class approach to enhance decision-making and improve outcomes. Our technology tools specifically allow us to dive deeper into insurance due diligence and risk/exposure analysis, and enable us to insure small or complex deals that other brokers cannot.

With an understanding of the complex risks our clients face, our M&A Risk Solutions Group excels at removing barriers to completing the deals our clients want. We serve as an extension of each client’s deal team, bringing specialized expertise, an understanding of the complexities of each transaction, an ability to develop solutions that mitigate significant risks, and peace of mind that allows them to focus on getting the transactions across the finish line.

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