Handling a hospitality business – especially if you serve alcohol – comes with a healthy serving of risk.

Patrons exchanging fighting words and sometimes blows (that may catch bystanders in the middle), errant spills causing slips and falls, equipment failures making messes and bringing business to a halt, or any of the dozens of things that can happen between the barstool and the parking lot leave you with a lot to worry about.

We understand the worries that keep you working late, and we’re right there with you in the office, the kitchen and out on the floor. Our experts show up to evaluate everything from safety features to compliance with best practices to keep your business covered, offering easy-to-implement tips and checklists to help you keep insurance costs down and cross calamities off your closing duties.

Our restaurants, bars and taverns specialty program underwrites insurance coverage, processes claims, and helps you control losses and minimize risk across:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars, pubs and taverns
  • Sports bars
  • Brewpubs
  • Casinos

Claims are handled efficiently and promptly so you can get back to the business of keeping your customers happy and excited to return.

Together we can protect your business better than ever before. Let’s work on the perfect plan that’ll be the secret ingredient for your success.