In your line of work, it’s all fun and games until someone (or something) gets hurt.

Exceptional solutions for your risks, liabilities and exposures can prevent accidents from becoming catastrophes. Finding the right coverage for extreme activities like skateboarding and parkour can be as tricky as the demanding disciplines themselves. That’s why our specialists are experts in understanding the right maneuvers and overcoming the unique challenges that come with finding the right route to your future.

With well-established relationships throughout the industry, we’re able to work together to understand your needs so we can find and help you choose from cost-effective solutions with the broadest coverage. Whatever you’re working with – an indoor or outdoor park or gym, a retail or food service presence, employee hazards and workers’ compensation needs, tools and vehicles, site and stunt maintenance – our experts understand the challenges you face and know the solutions to help you surmount them and keep you, your workforce and your property covered.

We stand with you to find you the liability coverage you’re looking for and offer solutions to further minimize and mitigate risk. Whether you’re indoors or outside, operating a parkour or skate park competition, school or open-use facility, we keep you covered so your athletes can keep running, skating, jumping, diving, rolling and everything in between.

Talk with us today about setting up comprehensive protection for your park, gym or arena. Let’s put the perfect plan in place that’ll give you what you need to soar.