Keep up with the ever-accelerating pace of business.

Even though you’re helping guests rest, relax and reconnect with friends, family and the world around them, providing your guests and patrons with great times seems to come with new risks and exposures every day.

Even top-dollar coverage you think checks all the boxes can have gaps in protection. You face unique challenges like cyber exposure and attack, inconsistent state laws, and even uncomfortable topics like terrorism risk that can’t be ignored. The right broker should be helping your organization move beyond generic liability coverage to specific policies that cover your emerging and evolving risks.

Cultivating Experiences

Our Hospitality and Leisure Group has firsthand experience working in all areas of the industry, giving us the bird’s eye view and attention to detail that allow us to understand your exposures and help you evaluate your options. We can help you go beyond generic coverage, identifying coverage gaps and creating further efficiencies for your operation.

From worker safety to claims management, premises protection and recreational vehicle coverage, our focused knowledge is available to help you seize opportunities, better mitigate risks and stay on track.

Our team-focused applies expert perspectives and quality data in the context of your goals to better assess where you are and put a plan in place to get you where you need to be. We:

  • Review your current program
  • Develop a risk management strategy based on your risk tolerance
  • Evaluate your claims management
  • Consult on loss control, risk transfer and safety
  • Provide actuarial services

Utilizing Expertise

Whether you’re taking patrons into the great outdoors, on adventures abroad or even just providing a relaxing retreat to unwind, we support businesses just like yours across every facet of the hospitality and leisure industries, absorbing your strategy and examining all areas of exposure through that lens. We work to understand your risks, prioritize them and help you handle them on your own terms.

We leverage our extensive relationships across the industry and beyond to deliver you expansive reach, customized care, broad coverage and definitions that understand the delicate difficulty and nuance of your sites and properties and best-in-class underwriters that coordinate with leading insurance companies.

Advocating for Excellent Coverage

Risk is everywhere in the hospitality industry but things become especially tricky when businesses operating on a national scale need to address state regulations that can vary drastically. NFP can help you navigate the risks inherent to businesses operating on the international scale, like hotels and resorts. Putting the correct pro­visions in place can be a complex process when laws, such as liquor or labor laws, are rarely consistent across state lines.

A broker who understands these challenges can help you avoid leaving your business exposed, whether those exposures are caused by customers buying and consuming liquor or increased costs associated with changing minimum wage laws.

Don’t rely on the way it’s always been done for your hospitality businesses. Benefit from expert knowledge of every aspect of your organization, a full understanding of the entire risk management landscape and beneficial relationships across the industry — all in one place.