Things can change in an instant. Choose a partner known for responsive action.

The entertainment industry is intricate. Finding and placing coverage for unique needs can be complicated, confusing and costly without the right partner by your side.

Whether you’re a promoter, producer or manage events, our entertainment industry specialists help guide you to the coverage you need for your particular exposures.

Live Events

Our team of experts can walk you through the various requirements that are presented to you and match you with the appropriate insurance products to protect you and your company. Your show could have pyrotechnics, vendors, merchandising or overnight camping. Whatever the scenario, NFP has the industry relationships that you need to get these events covered so you can focus on what you do best: putting on a show.

Your success is our success, and our live event specialists will work to help you understand where your exposures lie. From day one, we’ll work with you to understand your risks and help you prioritize responses to help handle them. Accidents and cancellations happen, but they don’t have to hurt your business.

Corporate Events

Our corporate event specialists work hard for your success. Their job is to analyze and get to the bottom of how your business functions so that they can help you understand where your exposures lie.

From there, we’ll leverage our access to our industry relationships and market insights to help craft a risk mitigation solution. Regardless of what types of events you coordinate or what type of equipment you own or use, we have market access to customize the solution that fits your needs.

Event Cancellation

Event cancellation insurance can be purchased to protect event expenses or revenue against cancellation, postponement, interruption, rescheduling or abandonment caused by reasons beyond your control. Some of these reasons may include severe adverse weather (hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards), earthquakes, terrorism or the unavailability of the venue.

For extra protection, consider adding the following to your policy.

  • Non-appearance coverage. This will provide business income protection if one of your performers misses a scheduled event. Perils such as an accident, sickness, unavoidable travel delay, or family catastrophe can be covered.
  • Communicable disease coverage. This will protect you against epidemics as experienced in recent years.

Film and Set Operations

Whether your product is a feature film, television production, webcast, podcast, industrial training or an educational project, you’re going to need to insure against the risk of destruction and loss. Broadly speaking, most production companies have a variety of tangible elements to cover. These tangibles include people, locations, equipment, props, sets, wardrobe, vehicles and the media containing the already captured images. However, it’s not limited to tangibles.

Something many producers overlook is the protection of intangibles, like intellectual property. Properly insuring the ideas behind your work is one of the most effective ways to protect what you’ve created.

No matter where you are in the filming process, a sudden change or accident can leave your film set exposed to numerous risks. From the start of your relationship, we’ll work with you to understand those potential risks and help fill in any gaps.

Putting the Right Protection in Place

NFP’s entertainment industry experts strive to help you overcome your challenges, meet your goals and build your business — all the while working to minimize risk, cover your exposures and keep your operation running smoothly.

We support organizations working in the entertainment industry and have dedicated specialists to assist in examining each area of exposure you face. W e work alongside you to understand and prioritize your risks so that we can better help you handle them on your own terms.

Through comprehensive risk management strategies and broad insurance options, NFP helps you reduce risks and improve your outcomes Find out more about our capabilities and get in touch with our experts on our expanded Sports and Entertainment Group site.