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The entertainment industry is intricate. Finding and placing coverage for unique needs can be complicated, confusing and costly without the right partner by your side. NFP’s Entertainment practice has vast experience and deep relationships in this space. A major driver of our success is our understanding of the insurance markets, applicable products and your business.

Whether you’re a promoter, producer or support these endeavors, our entertainment industry specialists help guide you to the coverage you need for your particular operations.

Our Entertainment Coverage Expertise

Rental Houses, Rigging and Staging, and Service Operations

Most producers or promoters contract out these functions to specialized companies that are expert in that function. These operations include, but are not limited to:

  • Rental house operations (equipment, props, vehicles)
  • Service operation (lighting, audio, catering, fabrication of props)

A significant value that NFP’s Entertainment team provides is access to our legal team, which can assist in your negotiations with your clients, studios or venues. This is provided at no additional cost to NFP clients.

Corporate Events

Corporate events generally involve the set-up and operation of audio/visual equipment on behalf of their clients. We understand that your clients are professionals that are not in the entertainment space. Because your business operates in controlled environments but also involves remote locations, matching you with the correct insurance carrier is critical to coverage and pricing.

Film and Set Operations

The world of visual-media continues to evolve and we are in lock-step with that evolution. Whether your product is a feature film, television production, webcast, podcast, industrial training or an educational project, you’re going to need to insure against the risk of destruction and lost production time.

Typical coverage types include entertainment package, general liability, workers’ compensation, producers errors and omissions liability.

Rigging & Staging

This category pertains mostly to services provided to the live event industry. Operations can include temporary or permanent installations. Typical operations include Lighting, Audio and Sets/Set Dressing. Also included in this category is mobile stages.

Live Events

Live events involve venues, artists, spectators, vendors, sets/equipment and other elements. NFP has the industry relationships that you need to get these events covered so you can focus on what you do best: putting on a show.

Show types include, but are not limited to:

  • Concerts
  • Exhibitions (art, trade shows, etc.)
  • Theatrical

Special Events/Event Liability

Special events are gatherings of people in celebration or exhibitions that may involve attendees, participants, entertainers, etc. Generally, this category would contemplate short-term durations. Some sample events would include:

  • Weddings
  • Art shows
  • Holiday parties

The efficiency of handling these types of insurance needs is a critical element. Individuals or companies can click below to secure formal terms.

Putting the Right Protection in Place

NFP’s entertainment industry experts strive to help you overcome your challenges, meet your goals and build your business — all the while working to minimize risk, cover your exposures and keep your operation running smoothly.

We support organizations working in the entertainment industry and have dedicated specialists to assist in examining each area of exposure you face. We work alongside you to understand and prioritize your risks so that we can better help you handle them on your own terms.

Through comprehensive risk management strategies and broad insurance options, NFP helps you reduce risks and improve your outcomes.