Environmental liability exposes your holdings, property and operation to counterparty risk.

Environmental insurance – or pollution liability – helps your stave off the risks, exposures and loss that result from remodeling, restructuring and developing buildings and land and enables our environmental risk experts to provide solutions that precisely serve your environmental insurance needs.

Liabilities stemming from environment issues and damage are often neglected, underestimated and can be dire. Understanding the risks and associated liabilities arising from direct actions and/or indirect actions can help you mitigate those issues:

Direct Actions

  • Disposal of hazardous material
  • Exacerbation of existing pollution events
  • Leaking fuel storage tank
  • Midnight dumping of hazardous materials
  • Newly created pollution conditions
  • Title V air emissions violation

Indirect Actions

  • Construction defects that result in environmental releases after certificate of occupancy and before expiration of statute of repose
  • Environmental indemnification assumed in commercial lending agreements
  • Environmental indemnification assumed in purchase and sales agreement for real estate transactions
  • Force majeure events that suspend contractual assumptions

Thanks to steadfast senior-level relationships with expert environmental insurance companies and our knowledge of international and domestic insurance and reinsurance environmental markets, NFP is able to devise strategies that leverage the marketplace for your benefit. Our understanding of all kinds of commercial insurance allows us to provide top-flight coverage maximizing environmental insurance recoveries for you if and when a loss occurs.

Wherever you’re at in development, our experts can help you through the environmental insurance process and structure appropriate pollution liability coverage.