Give your business the risk management tools that’ll help it grow.

Navigating the complex nuances of the construction industry to deliver the quality goods and services that bring success is full of challenges. Risk mitigation strategies should be a central focus of your operation. Whether you’re working on an architecture or engineering project, operating a repair or installation service center or distribute and supply the materials that enable operations to succeed, we can help you prepare before product and labor shortages, supply chain interruption, worker safety issues or any other unexpected events impact your business.

Together, we’ll analyze the cost of what’s at stake and help you see and map the details of what to address and when, ensuring your business has comprehensive data for risk management and coverage decisions. From claims support to contract management, risk mitigation, workforce consultation and workers’ compensation, we can help you decrease the cost of your risks and expand your enterprise.

NFP can be your all-in-one risk management team, helping you uncover and account for exposures, keep your risks covered and focus steadfastly on your future. Our Construction Group experts have a wealth of experience in the service and supply side of the industry and work side by side with you to understand your risks, prioritize them and help you work through them on your own terms.