Prepare for the complications and contingencies that come with creating homes.

For construction outfits of all sizes, every new project and opportunity comes with a number of risks and exposures to contend with. Meanwhile, labor shortages, fiscal shortfalls and the changing market are top of mind. Contract negotiation, claims management, worker and tenant safety, and cybersecurity present ongoing considerations, and the list of complications. As jobsite needs and market pressures evolve, a knowledgeable risk management partner can help your business prepare for the future, whatever it may hold.

NFP’s risk management experts have supported teams and businesses like yours across the residential construction sector. We have the experience necessary to determine the severity of your exposures and help you put a cap on your risks.

Let us review your entire operation, from claims management to HR support, risk management, workforce engagement and workers’ compensation. By providing the insights necessary for informed decisions, we can help you decrease your total cost of risk, put proper protections in place for your exposures, capitalize on what lies ahead and better grow your business.

As a risk management partner, we want to give you what you need to handle your business priorities on your own terms, and we have the long-term industry relationships and skills to help.