Add the tools you need for future growth with our groundbreaking approaches to risk management.

The construction industry is complex – especially when working to build better communities, bridge divides and provide folks new places to live — and change doesn’t come easy. With labor shortages, fiscal uncertainty, worker safety and claims management at the forefront of your planning and risk mitigation, and new considerations at each worksite, risk remains a challenge for residential builders of all sizes.

When you’re looking to build your business while working to minimize risk, NFP’s teams of knowledgeable experts can assist you. We support organizations working in residential construction, examining each area of exposure you face, understanding and prioritizing your risks, and helping you handle them on your own terms.

We help you calculate the cost of what’s at stake to give you a clear picture of what to address and when. Then we leverage our market insights and rally our experts to design solutions that will transfer your risk to the insurance market and help achieve your goals.

From claims management to contract review, risk management consultation, workforce engagement and workers’ compensation, NFP can help you decrease your total cost of risk and grow your business.

Whether you are the Residential Developer, contractor, subcontractor or engineer, our seasoned personnel will meet with you to develop a detailed risk management approach. Reach out today to see how we might be able to support your needs.