Manage risk and save through a wrap-up program designed for your project.

Every construction project is unique, and so are its needs. Each step of the project process requires different tools, resources, and areas of expertise. While you focus on keeping your worksites safe and your subcontractors on task and on budget, let NFP take care of the behind-the-scenes risks with a contractor controlled insurance program, or CCIP.

CCIPs – or wrap-up insurance – are superior risk management tools for large projects that offer enhanced coverage options for general liability, workers’ compensation and excess liability, while also generating significant cost savings for general contractors. Our contractor controlled insurance programs are backed by a nationally recognized team of senior construction insurance professionals who know the General Contractor business inside and out and can offer a unique and cost-effective solutions to meet almost every need.

Driving the Best Results for Your Project

Our large scale and deep ties to the industry allow us to offer comprehensive, customizable risk management solutions at competitive rates. CCIP's provide solid risk management benefits for General Contractors, including:

  • Broad coverage terms
  • Comprehensive crisis management
  • Project savings
  • Enhanced and coordinated safety
  • Enhanced claims management
  • Enhanced MBE Business Participation
  • Reduced litigation
  • Uniform coverage to eliminate coverage gaps

General Contractor Experience that Helps You Build Your Program

CCIPs are comprehensive solutions for construction projects and building programs, and successful implementation requires skilled construction risk professionals that know the construction business. Our team includes cross-discipline professionals with a deep understanding of construction and wrap-ups from multiple perspectives — from construction underwriter to general contractor to sponsor to builder and program broker. This perspective empowers us to provide General Contractors with the broadest and most operationally efficient programs in the industry.

Contact us to learn more about how NFP can meet your CCIP program needs, including:

  • Contract review and document coordination
  • Coverage design
  • Cutting-edge cloud-based RMIS
  • Financial monitoring and stewardship
  • Financing and captive options
  • Hands-free CIP administration
  • Proactive claims advocacy
  • Return-to-work programs
  • Safety and claims management
  • Wearable tech integrations