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Significant risk exposures are a reality of the construction industry. Every operation brings a unique set of challenges and it takes specialized expertise and solutions to overcome them. Understanding the intricacies of each project – and having the reach and relationships to provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions – allows our Construction Services Group to continuously deliver the depth, breadth and quality that leaders from across the construction industry have come to expect from us.

Focused Experience

Our team has firsthand experience working in the construction space so we have the perspective to recognize exposures, identify coverage gaps and create efficiencies. Specific factors – including worker safety, cyber threats, claims management, workforce engagement, alternative funding, HR support and more – require specific knowledge to help you seize opportunities, avoid issues and stay on track.

With our approach, you get a team focused on your overall insurance program. By applying expert perspectives and quality data in the context of your goals, our process assesses where you are and drives a plan to get you where you need to be.

  • Review your current program
  • Develop a risk management strategy based on your risk tolerance
  • Evaluate your claims management
  • Consult on loss control, risk transfer and safety
  • Provide actuarial services

We’re uniquely focused on two primary areas of your business plan, proactively utilizing insight, creativity and relationships to create the best possible risk management and insurance programs for our clients:

Invested Expertise

Our team of professionals has worked in the industry for decades so we are experts in large commercial construction, commercial grade residential, homebuilders and residential construction. We understand the nuances of various industry players, from employees on the construction ownership side to general contractors.

With an understanding of your unique needs, we then leverage our extensive market relationships to secure best-in-class pricing. Outside of the usual workers’ compensation, general, automobile and umbrella liability, we have teams that specialize in professional, environmental and fiduciary coverages, loss control and claims management, and alternative risk strategies. We consistently focus on balancing the risk retained with the total cost of risk you can assume, enabling growth as you execute your business plan.

Clients rely on our technical expertise in key areas of their operations, including:

A Service Model that Stands Apart

Our team is highly specialized – construction is all we do – so we look at every challenge and every solution with that perspective. In every interaction, our clients benefit from working with professionals who know their business and speak their language.

This benefit extends to service, which remains a critical differentiator in the construction industry. We believe having the right people behind you is a meaningful competitive advantage in any market. Working with the Construction Services Group at NFP delivers the best of both worlds — a nationwide reach that creates opportunities and efficiency, with specialized expertise, long-term relationships and a dedicated local presence to provide hands on support when our clients need it most.

In terms of client support tools, we have the technology, insight and commitment to data that helps to drive decisions and quantify value. Key tools include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Trend and loss analysis
  • Proprietary wrap system
  • Incentive programs
  • Site reviews
  • Safety training
  • Custom subcontractor default programs
  • Wearables

Elite Advocates for Sturdy Coverage

Our Construction Services Group provides deep industry and product expertise and embraces the opportunity to look at problems differently and solve them. We are client advocates who understand complex risk, which makes us highly effective at negotiating to shape submissions to the market and achieve the results required to thrive in any environment.

Whether you're standing tall in the construction world or just now breaking ground, we have the expertise, capabilities and solutions to help you elevate your competitiveness and accelerate your growth. Let’s start building a relationship today.