Across industries and professions, data brings clarity to complexity and informs decisions. We continue to use analytics and technology to help buyers of insurance assess needs, anticipate trends and build programs that provide the protection they need to thrive in any environment.

Challenges and risks are increasingly complex, creating barriers to growth and success. NFP’s analytics team combines specialized expertise that understands the nuances of your business with an ability to collect and analyze relevant data. By mobilizing key data, we help our clients overcome barriers, assess available solutions and access markets that create sustainable strategic advantages.

Our analytics team connects exposure, placement and claims data across industries, products and programs to give clients a holistic view of their risk. From there, we design a risk mitigation path that aligns with their objectives. Reporting is dynamic, so we can efficiently explore alternatives – solutions, costs, terms – for managing risk.

The result is a more informed and confident client with a clearer understanding of risk in the context of their business, their peers and their environment.