Prepare for risks around the globe and around the corner with support from seasoned experts.

Buying insurance sounds simple enough, but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Managing risk, growing your organization and addressing vulnerabilities requires more than simply buying insurance only to cover your known areas of risk.

NFP’s approach involves proactive risk management. That means we go beyond insurance to help organizations like yours identify and account for those ever-changing hidden, and often tricky, areas of risk.

Regardless of your insurance strategy, behind the scenes work and special considerations will always play a part in long-term risk planning. Time-consuming tasks like filing claims and communicating with carriers, measuring your risk through meticulous actuarial assessment, and performing ongoing analytics and benchmarking are essential to holistic risk assessment, and require experienced eyes (and minds) to achieve excellent results.

Meanwhile, certain industries and business models require special consideration. Working with a team that’s well versed in navigating particularly complex risk management challenges, with the experience necessary to help you understand all of your options (including alternative strategies such as captives), can lead to improved outcomes down the line. Further, as you work to mitigate liabilities and minimize the possibility of mishaps before they happen, a team of experts with an objective view is an invaluable asset.

Trust NFP to understand every eventuality and help you secure your businesses when the worst comes your way. Together, we’ll quantify the business impact of those risks and help you make an informed decision about what’s right for your organization. Working alongside your leadership team, we’ll think through the best way to provide meaningful asset and liability protection unique to the risks of your business.

However you choose to take advantage of NFP’s extensive capabilities, you’ll benefit from the support of our elite professionals, who excel in their own areas of specialty and provide access to the entire network of knowledge and services that is NFP. Risk management is in our DNA, and we can’t wait to share our insights and expertise with you.

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