NFP’s InsurChoice insurance program allows businesses and membership organizations the opportunity to offer personal insurance solutions to their employees or members.

Our InsurChoice program is a one-of-a-kind personal insurance program with multiple insurance discounts that gives individuals access to different personal insurance products offered by multiple insurance carriers. The program shops your personal insurance across several top-rated insurance carriers. Individuals are sure to get the best rates available and coverages tailored to their specific needs.

NFP’s InsurChoice insurance program comes at no cost to the employer or membership organization. It is strictly voluntary with no minimum or maximum participation requirements. In fact, new program participants saved an average of more than $600 per year.

With NFP’s InsurChoice program, great savings come with quality service. Need to report a claim at 3:00 a.m.? We’re here for you — no matter the time, day or area of the country you’re in. Our program offers flexible payment options and discounts up to 40%.

Some of the key benefits available to you and your employees and members include:

  • Competitive pricing: One size doesn’t fit all, so we match your employees or members with the best rates and coverages from multiple insurance companies.
  • Custom-tailored coverage: Our licensed insurance-industry expert tailor insurance coverages to the unique needs of the individual.
  • Stability: We have relationships with key national carriers as well as regional carriers who have a proven track record of rate and coverage stability.
  • Enhanced services: We provide risk management toolkits, educational seminars and consultation to help identify each individual’s exposures and mitigate losses. Alongside NFP’s National Claims Practice, we provide claims advocacy as needed.
  • Innovation: With our innovative product delivery platform, individuals or members can apply, renew, file a claim and pay online through a secure site 24/7.

Reach out to our team to learn more.

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