You work diligently to keep your employees out of harm’s way.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. When they do, know you do not have to deal with them alone. NFP is here to help.

Our diversified National Claims team is your advocate and liaison with the workers’ compensation claims administrator to ensure the injured workers get the medical care they need to quickly recover and return to work. At the same time, the team proactively monitors the claims, ensuring they are positioned for cost effective resolution and accurately reserved. Your employees get the care they need faster, at a lower total cost of risk to you.

Caring for Your Injured Workers

Like you, we care about your employees — and we want to make sure your relationships with them remain strong. From the onset of the accident until the injured employee is back on the job, we are there to guide you through a customized post-injury management plan that includes:

  • Immediate post-injury response
  • Medical management
  • Transitional duty/Return to work programs

Best Practices Rule

NFP’s National Claims team follows a set of best practices that emphasizes the delivery of meaningful and valuable services to our clients. Our relationship with you is driven by a focus on understanding each claim and the coverages in place so we can maximize the benefits available to your company.

 Your NFP team:

  • Provides valuable oversight and direction with the claims administrator to ensure that you have the information and resources to make the best financial, legal and ethical business decisions for the management of your workers compensation claims.
  • Facilitates ongoing communication between you and the insurance carriers/TPA.
  • Works with the claims administrators to resolve, close out and/or investigate claims issues.
  • Interprets loss runs and other loss data to identify injury trends. Once identified, we will collaborate with you and our claims management specialists to implement injury prevention programs because the most cost effective injury is a prevented one.
  • Monitors lost time/indemnity claims, litigated claims, and subrogated claims. This includes strategizing and establishing action plans for optimum resolution.
  • Analyzes experience modification worksheets and prepare Experience Modification Projections.
  • Identifies overlapping coverage and puts applicable policies on notice.
  • Ensures that claims below policy deductible are evaluated and handled correctly.
  • Creates client-specific handling instructions to set expectations for how the claim should be managed, clearly identify the communication flow between the you and the claims administrator, and address the handling of issues that may arise.
  • Helps you better understand the workers’ compensation process and assists with the implementation of best practices that empower ownership and the ability for you to internally manage your workers’ compensation claims.

Contact NFP today to learn how we can help you get the best possible outcome for you and your claims.