Modern-day employers face litigation risks every day. The right risk management partner can help.

Employment-related litigation has become a key consideration for any business, and with an ever-evolving legal and social landscape, employment practices claims or lawsuits are likely to remain common. Employment related lawsuits can be very costly, so an appropriate review of exposures and establishing an effective program to manage, transfer, and/or insure those exposure is critical to protecting clients’ interests.

Our team has the necessary experience to help build an employment practices liability strategy that works for your organization and its unique risks. Securing strong employment practices liability (EPL) insurance can help to keep a business strong in the face of a claim. Although employment practices liability insurance policies predominantly address claims by employees of harassment and discrimination that occur in the workplace, they are also designed to address a broad range of exposures.

EPL insurance can be structured to respond to matters raised by outside third parties as well, including past employees, prospective employees, vendors, contractors, customers/clients, other business invitees and the general public.

Reach out to our expert team today to discuss how we can support your company’s EPL insurance needs.