Safeguard directors and officers against the financial and reputational risks that come with responsibility.

Serving on a company’s board or in a management or executive position carries a whole host of responsibilities and duties to various stakeholders. There is a duty to shareholders, employees, customers, clients, vendors, competitors, regulators and creditors — to name a few. Unfortunately, things don’t always go smoothly, and if a director or officer fails to carry out duties, claims can and do result. In order to protect your company and individual directors and officers in the event of a claim, it is vital that your company is ready to respond.

Our team works collaboratively with you and your organization to identify your specific needs and craft a bespoke solution to your risk profile and corporate objectives. One solution is the placement of a robust directors and officers (D&O) liability policy. This is critical aspect of an overall risk management strategy to safeguard the individual directors and officers assets and the company’s balance sheet.

Any organization, director or officer may be presented with allegations of matters such as:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Dishonesty/fraud
  • False representation
  • Merger and acquisition disputes
  • Poor financial performance
  • Securities class actions/shareholder filings

Our experts utilize their market relationships and knowledge to present you with the best solution to protect your directors and officers, and your entire organization. Contact us to discuss how we can partner with your company and help to secure it for years to come.