While no one likes to think about the potential risks, hunting can be a dangerous activity.

If you have already signed waivers and have auto insurance and homeowners insurance, why would you need hunting insurance?

The simple truth is that while waivers and other common types of insurance are useful, they do not provide enough protection. Hunting insurance is designed for hunters and those who allow hunting on their land. With the right policy, trouble while hunting on your land or during a hunting trip will not endanger your family’s financial security.

How Hunting Insurance Benefits Hunters

Hunters can find themselves dealing with liability issues if they are injured or involved in an accident that injures someone else or causes property damage. Hunting insurance shields their personal assets and prevents a hunting disaster from causing a financial catastrophe for their families.

Also, consider this: Without hunting insurance, hunters might have a hard time finding a place to hunt. The amount of public land available for hunting is limited. In some areas, the only places to hunt are on private lands. This can make it possible for landowners to lease their land for hunting without endangering their own financial security, so hunting insurance is vital.

How Hunting Insurance Safeguards Landowners

Whether you hunt on your own property, invite trusted friends to hunt with you or lease your land to a group of hunters for a fee, you cannot afford to proceed without hunting insurance. Sadly, accidents can happen to even the most careful people, and there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong when you are in the woods. If disaster strikes, a lawsuit is likely to follow. As a landowner, you have to be concerned about potential liability issues.

While homeowners insurance may offer some coverage for property owners injured while hunting on their own land, it generally does not extend to other hunters. This means that if a guest who has leased your property for hunting is injured on your land, then your land, your savings and your family’s financial security could all be at risk. Hunting insurance fills this gap, sheltering your personal assets in the event of a hunting accident.

What We Offer

Our team is immersed in the outdoors and knows exactly what type of coverage you need whether you’re a hunter or landowner. We recommend:

  • An appropriate amount of coverage for general liability
  • A sufficient general aggregate, which refers to the maximum the insurer will pay for all claims during the policy period
  • Coverage for incidents that involve guests

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