The loss, serious injury or disability of your horse is difficult to contemplate, but requires proactive planning.

Whether you have a pasture full of horses or just one or two, it’s important to protect your investment with a high-quality equine insurance policy. The costs for the replacement or treatment of a horse can be staggering. And even the liability for damage caused by a horse can be costly. However, these risks can be covered with equine insurance from NFP.

Equine insurance policies available to horse owners include everything from horse mortality insurance to major medical, loss of use, accident, sickness or disease and equine liability insurance. Some policies also cover equine therapy and injury or property damage.

Thousands of horse owners already trust NFP to provide the expertise and protection they need, including:

  • Equine insurance coverage for mortality and major injuries
  • Equine liability insurance for injury and damage to third parties
  • Personal accident insurance for you and/or other riding members of your family
  • Insurance for equine-related outbuildings and other structures on your property, including stables and tack rooms, as well as coverage for equipment and vehicles