When you’re trying to build your success to soar across new horizons, you need a partner who understands your needs.

At NFP, we know the ups, downs, ins and outs aviation world.

We specialize in commercial and corporate aviation, helicopters and more — we’re even looking out for your drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. If you’re trying to tackle more nuanced needs, like aviation workers' compensation and non-aviation product liability offerings, we’re still right there with you to take care of everything you worry about when blazing into the wild blue yonder.

Available coverages include:


  • Airport property, hangar and fixed-base operators
  • All classes of helicopters
  • Cabin-class twin-engine aircraft
  • Charter aircraft
  • Corporate aircraft liability
  • Flight training facilities
  • Government and special mission aircraft
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Non-agricultural aerial applicators
  • Pay-by-hour coverage
  • Turboprop aircraft
  • Very light jets and corporate jets


  • Aerial photography
  • Agricultural spraying
  • Cargo hauling
  • Corporate charter
  • EMS
  • Firefighting
  • Flight instruction
  • Herding and wildlife control
  • Law enforcement
  • News and traffic reporting
  • Oil platform operations
  • Pipeline/power line patrol
  • Tours and sightseeing

Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Aviation safety
  • Emerging market exposures
  • Expanded private-sector commercial space applications
  • Loss central preparedness and planning
  • Protection against market losses and premium increases due to catastrophic losses
  • Rotor wing losses

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