You probably don’t think about needing long-term care (LTC), especially if you feel young and healthy. But now’s exactly the right time for you to plan for the future.

Protection for Your Future

Baby boomers and successive generations will enjoy unprecedented longevity compared to previous generations. The upside is obvious. But there’s a downside — the number of chronic health conditions that can require costly LTC. We can help you protect your financial future through LTC insurance solutions that:

  • Protect your retirement plan. An ounce of prevention now can avert the disaster that an LTC episode can bring to financial portfolios.
  • Give you a choice about care. Although Medicare and Medicaid pay for some LTC costs, coverage may be limited.
  • Eases the burden on your family members. LTC insurance allows family members to be involved in the caregiving process without being the primary provider.

Benefits That Fit You

Benefits of buying LTC Insurance through NFP include:

  • Choice of both standalone and linked LTC Insurance
  • Possible tax benefits
  • One-on-one telephone consultations
  • Concierge application service

Fill the Gap

Fill the gap in your protection by considering an LTC insurance plan. LTC insurance can be confusing, and it’s critical that you partner with a qualified advisor who can guide you and make it easy. Your advisor can help you own meaningful insurance that address your needs. Are you ready?

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