A life well worked deserves protection for what you’ve worked for.

Your home, car and valuables aren’t just the culmination of your dreams and a lifetime of achievements — they’re your legacy. You don’t just need the right insurance company, you need the right partner to help you to protect them.

Securing your legacy means building a system of insurance and protection that helps cover the cost of life’s accidents and events. Fortunately, putting one in place doesn’t need to be complicated.

Coordinating Personal Property Insurance for Your Distinct Needs

All walks of life demand personal property coverage. And, that insurance needs to reflect the life you’ve built for yourself. Whether you built a custom estate, rent an apartment or villa, have multiple properties and homes, or all of the above, we can help. Our personal insurance specialists will work with you to identify potential exposures to loss and provide recommendations on appropriate coverage specific to you.

Many people need something different than standard homeowners insurance or renters insurance. Perhaps a standalone personal property insurance policy or separate dwelling coverage would be best, or maybe you need policies with higher coverage limits. Maybe you host frequent gatherings, and want to ensure your liability coverage is up to the task. No matter how unique your needs, understanding the type of insurance you need is the first step to liability coverage that works for you.

When it comes to what you’ve filled your home with, you may need to consider additional coverage. Valuable items such as fine art and jewelry have limited coverage under your homeowners’ property and casualty insurance policy. NFP can design specific scheduled personal property insurance to provide special protection for individual pieces or entire collections of jewelry, art, antiques, collectibles or any other property of special value that you wish to insure to help cover replacement cost.

Looking for P&C insurance that protects what keeps your life moving? We will work with you to sort through your options and help you maintain proper liability insurance and property coverage for your vehicles. For both personal cars and recreational vehicles, we can help you access coverage that’s tailored to your circumstances — taking into account where you keep your vehicles, how you use them and how much.

Setting Up a Long Term Legacy of Lasting Success

The value of a dollar saved is never what it used to be. Maintaining and improving your lifestyle – and guaranteeing your future includes something to leave behind for your loved ones – takes forethought and diligence.

A partner who understands you and your vulnerabilities – both known and unknown – can help you be more prepared and feel more secure. Understanding and planning for your discrete and personal risk profile means that your NFP partners are poised to help you handle whatever life throws your way and plan for a future you can continue looking forward to.

The true value in partnering with NFP comes from the breadth and depth of our offerings and the collaboration of our teams and partners. Together, we’re not just focused on keeping you protected, we’re dedicated to helping you prosper.

That means combining the talents of knowhow of our estate planning, wealth management and life insurance experts alongside your property and casualty protection specialists to garner a total understanding of your goals for today and dreams for tomorrow to set you on the path to contended success.

Discovering Concierge Care with Our Private Client Group

For high net-worth individuals with specialized coverage needs, the NFP Private Client Group is your partner with a special focus on tailoring plans specifically to your discerning needs. Whether it's protection for fine art on a yacht and the yacht itself or a susceptibility to kidnap and ransom, NFP PCG is focused on bolstering your life and lifestyle while protecting your assets.

Our white-glove service specialists dive deep into your needs to create a risk management effort that evolves with your life and takes into account all you have, all you want and all you've created.

Our focused attention and care extends to:

Then we meet annually to:

  • Review your coverages and look for gaps
  • Make sure coverage limits are where they need to be
  • Market your coverage to ensure the best placement and pricing
  • Evaluate your program components against new marketplace trends

We have property coverage, life insurance, wealth management, charitable giving and estate planning capabilities that can help make your legacy last for generations.

Making Promises You Can Count On

Nothing matters more than ensuring you feel secure in your risk management and future planning.

From day one and throughout our relationship, your NFP team will stand by you. Regardless of their individual specialties, everyone across our business shares a common goal: sourcing the answers, support and services you need, when you need them.

Your core team is part of our vast network of knowledge and expertise, all working together to help you rest easy.