Deliver superior results with a partner who will back you over the long haul.

The business of transportation is complex, on and off the road. We know you have a lot options when it comes to choosing your insurance broker, and we hope that we can show you how choosing NFP will help you plan for your insurance now and for the future. Through our specialty Transportation Group, we offer clients access to risk management professionals dedicated to the transportation industry, with experts specifically versed in supporting businesses in aviation, trucking and auto services.

Together, we’ll make sure you can keep your focus where it belongs: serving your customers and getting things to where they need to be.

Insurance markets have taken a selective and cautious approach to transportation risk and will continue to do so. Your insurance needs to include a wide range of coverage uniquely designed to handle everything from driver safety training to pollution liability protection. We have the resources you need to help control the unique risks and costs of protecting your assets, and can assist in insurance company negotiations. Our advisors are also here to help with risk analysis and mitigation strategy. We can advise you on risk management, claims analysis and support as well as insurance placement.

To help you take care of your people, our benefits experts can assist you in developing benefits plans and well-being tools that fit your demographics without undermining your bottom line. On the back end, we can help with actuarial analysis, HR management support, communications strategy and more.

From single owner operators, to fleet owners, warehousing and logistics providers, we’ll go above and beyond to support your enterprise. In a changing industry, insulating yourself from occasional mishaps is a good start, but it’s really just the beginning of a long-term plan for your future.

Let’s work together to move your business forward. For more information on our capabilities and the Transportation Group, visit our Transportation and Logistics specialty page.