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The risks within the sports and entertainment industry are as unique as the people and companies in it, and our specialists understand the risks that come with putting on an unforgettable show like employment practices, brokers without experience, losing talent and overly generic coverage. Our Sports and Entertainment Group brings together highly skilled risk management partners to support your business. From sports organizations, athletes, entertainers, facilities, film production companies and executives, we have the resources you need to help control the risk and cost of protecting your assets, and support your workforce with the benefits they deserve.

When you work with a team of experts who understand your industry, you get customized solutions that can reduce uninsured and underinsured exposures. NFP is the go-to insurance broker for rental houses, production companies (film, TV and commercials), event producers and promoters, AV companies, post-production houses, and live events. We help our clients think through all areas of risk, some of which you may not even know you have.

Whether it's specialized insurance for a team, league or individual athlete, coverage for your equipment or insurance against catastrophic damage during a production, you need protection. Lost revenue, liability, talent issues – even Acts of God – are all very real risks. Our professionals have extensive experience, and are ready to work with you through thick and thin to fully understand your needs and keep your operation running smoothly.

While budgets are always top of mind, we specialize in identifying risks unique to your industry. Through our legal team, we negotiate strong contracts for rental houses to ensure full replacement value for their lost or damaged equipment, something often lacking from insurance programs cobbled together through online resources.

Production companies work with us to protect against the devastating impact of losing footage to a disaster. Live events turn to us for cancellation protection. We’ve seen it all before and know how to protect against it.

Beyond day-to-day property and casualty liability coverage, talent poaching can be a major risk. Whether talent poachers are actively going after your employees or your people are leaving for other reasons, we can help. Our benchmarking tools can help you see where your business stands and our HR experts can help you with strategy to keep those who make your business what it is.

Employment practices and the risks associated with hiring, firing, and everything in between are particularly tricky in this industry, which is why you need an insider who understands the exposures and how to negotiate with providers to get you the best possible coverage. Our professionals can assist with supporting and rewarding your employees from hire to retire, helping you keep your best people happy.

We support companies in the entertainment space, absorbing your business strategy and examining all areas of exposure through that lens. We work to understand your risks, prioritize them, and help you handle them on your own terms.

We help you calculate the cost of what’s at stake to give you a clear picture of what to address and when. Then we leverage our market insights and rally our experts to design solutions that will transfer your risk to the insurance market and help achieve your goals.

Work with us to proactively manage your risk, and keep your best and brightest glowing.

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