Pursue your mission with the peace of mind of unequaled protection.

Your nonprofit is unique, and your coverage should be, too. NFP works hard to support you in this thriving sector. We'll work closely with you to help protect your organization, so you can serve others. Go ahead: pursue your mission with peace of mind. Let us help take care of your risk and your people.

The emergence of new pressures, such as new technologies, changing demographics, tax and budgetary uncertainty, and a tight labor market are challenging the nonprofit sector to adapt and build new opportunities.

We go above and beyond by delivering comprehensive, competitive and customizable insurance and risk management solutions aimed at protecting you and your organization from losses. We also work to reduce your insurance by offering a network of resources including claims management, contract review, loss control and risk management consultation.

Our experts are also well equipped to address some of the unique needs of nonprofit benefits and HR management, such as properly rewarding your star players without drawing negative public scrutiny. At every stage of the employee journey, we can help you support your people and maximize efficiency.

Let’s share your mission, vision and drive to support your charitable calling together.