Benefit from the support of experts that cover every inch within city limits.

Running your town and its services smoothly is no easy task — let us help take the load off so you can take care of what truly matters.

We understand the unique challenges that come with serving the public interest – in schools, local governments, emergency services, peacekeeping services and more – on a fixed, tight budget. We also know you have many options when it comes to choosing your insurance broker or benefits adviser, and we hope that we can show you how choosing NFP will help you plan for your risk and people management needs, now and for the future.

Our insurance options include a wide range of coverage uniquely designed to handle everything from student accidents to utility services. So, whether you’re a city, town or independent utility provider, we have the resources you need to help control the risk and cost of protecting your assets.

Let’s work together to unearth solutions that’ll work specifically for you on contract analysis, risk transfer mechanisms, claims analysis and support, and insurance placement for the problems you face every day. We can help with computer fraud, director, officer and public official exposures, valuable papers and records liability, crime, and more.

To support your workforce and the HR department responsible for it, our experts offer strategic support and tactical advantage. Our capabilities include assistance with administration and discovering new solutions, effective employee communication, actuarial analysis.

Together, we’ll make sure you can keep your focus where it belongs: on uplifting and protecting the public good.