Maintain your standard of hospitality without relaxing your standard of security.

We understand as well as you do that relationships are the key to success, and we’re ready to help you tackle the unique challenges that come along with running hospitality venues and recreation businesses of all kinds. Chances are, if your business welcomes guests to get away or experience something new, we can help you keep things running smoothly.

Making sure your customers are having a great time makes it hard to focus on anything else — but that doesn’t slow the pace of business and its accelerating challenges, like cyber exposure and attack, complicated and inconsistent state laws, changes in minimum wage, shooting and terrorism risk and the standard looming liabilities throughout the industry.

With so many moving parts, consulting with specialists is a good place to begin. The Hospitality and Leisure Group can help you root out overlooked opportunities for risk and place top-tier coverage while helping you increase efficiency through audits and strategic support. Ultimately, we’re equipped to help your business long-term with future-forward strategic support.

We support businesses just like yours, absorbing your goals and priorities and examining all areas of exposure through that lens. We work to understand your risks, prioritize them, and help you handle them on your own terms, helping you calculate the cost of what’s at stake to give you a clear picture of what to address and when. We have experience supporting:

Beyond property and casualty coverage, we’re able to help you attract, retain, manage and reward the backbone of your operation: your people. While we understand the importance of letting folks connect, relax, and take a load off, we also know that keeping a business like yours covered and your workforce energetic enough to deal with demand isn’t all fun and games.

Work with NFP for a unique partnership. Benefit from expert knowledge of every aspect of your organization, a full understanding of the entire risk management landscape, and beneficial relationships across the industry — all in one place.

Let us help you keep everyone comfortable and coming back.

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