Deliver healthier returns while diagnosing unseen risks and opportunities.

Maintaining a healthy medical practice can be a challenge.

Between healthcare reform, constantly changing regulations and operational issues, risk is coming at you from all directions. You need a proactive partner who takes the time to get to know you and how to best help your practice.

We take a comprehensive approach and, through our Healthcare and Life Sciences Group, give clients access to insurance professionals who specialize in your industry. As innovations and technology fundamentally change the landscape of healthcare, we can help you with future-forward strategy. Our experts understand the complexities of the medical field, and dedicate themselves to finding answers to the types of difficult coverage questions faced by biotech, pharmaceutical and cannabis companies. Establishing the right coverage enhances your ability to manage reputational risk and keep the focus on what you do well.

Working with an all-encompassing range of medical professionals and facilities, from acupuncturists and autotransfusionists to hospitals and primary care, we have the experience to help keep your employees covered and risk under wraps. In addition to our knowledge of risk management for hospitals, healthcare facilities, physicians and other medical professionals, we have expertise in supporting biotechs, pharmaceutical companies, and device and technology distributors.

Your patients and clients expect the best care you can provide, and you and your employees deserve the same level of service from us. Beyond the basics of coverage and claims, our benefits professionals can help your HR department become more efficient and effective. We can help you create competitive rewards packages to help you recruit the quality professionals you need to serve the patients who depend on you for their health.

Our experts get to know your operation inside and out, helping you set up solutions for medical professionals. NFP’s world-class insurers will have you and your business covered.

On the back end, we can assist with auditing, loss forecasting, communications strategy and more.

We look at the big picture of your business and dig down into the details to understand where you've been and where you want to go. For more information on our capabilities and the Healthcare and Life Sciences Group, visit our Healthcare and Life Sciences specialty page.