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The pace of business continues to accelerate, and banks, insurance companies and investment managers face increasingly unique challenges. Even if you have top-dollar coverage that checks all the boxes threats of catastrophic cyberattack, volatile financial markets, increased scrutiny and regulation and lurking talent poachers are ever-present risks demanding your attention.

NFP knows there’s more to banking than just protecting customer funds, and that covering your institution starts with keeping valuable information safe from security breaches and cyberattacks, managing regulatory risk, keeping up with compliance, and making sure your directors and officers are covered if and when claims occur. Due to the complexity of this sector, specialists such as our Financial Institutions Group offer a valuable resource and strategic resource for managing risk.

Through strategic solutions, driven by robust analytics, our team can help you achieve significant advantages for your organization. Whether it’s regulation, technology, evolving consumers or market competition, we can help you protect against risk and support your people. We have the resources and experience to assist with benefits administration and planning, and our BOLI expertise allows us to help banks offer enticing executive benefits specifically tailored to financial institutions.

As financial institutions face new challenges — attracting and training a new generation of leaders, navigating cyber risks, and increased public scrutiny, a strong partner can make all the difference. We support financial institutions just like yours, absorbing your business strategy and examining all areas of exposure through that lens. We’re your partner and we want you to succeed, and we work to understand your risks, prioritize them, and help you handle them on your own terms.

Our advisors are dedicated to helping you thrive and can help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your property and casualty insurance coverage, as well as ensuring your workforce is taken care of and well rewarded. To find out what we can do for you, and discover the full capabilities of our Financial Institutions Group, visit our Financial Institutions specialty page.