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Whether you are under contract for a brownfield, managing hazardous materials, or working in environmental remediation, NFP can guide you through the environmental insurance process and structure appropriate coverage. Our Environmental Liability Practice offers access to knowledgeable specialists with the experience necessary to support your needs.

We support companies in the environmental space, absorbing your business strategy and examining all areas of exposure through that lens, understanding your risks like pollution liability and cleanup costs, property transfer, asbestos, lead, and mold remediation, and contractors’ pollution, prioritizing them, and helping you handle them on your own terms. In addition to industry-standard coverages and services, we focus on other avenues such as property and liability, directors’ and officers’ liability, errors and omissions, cyber liability and legal expense.

Our experts leverage years of experience ranging in all kinds of specialized coverage for unique organizations and situations and are nimble in adapting to new scenarios. In the past that’s included:

  • Manufacturers of valves that are used by off-shore oil drilling platforms and oil pipelines
  • Onsite and offsite liability for pollution conditions emanating from a landfill utilized exclusively by a dredging contractor to dispose of potentially contaminated dredge spoils
  • Storage tank liability and cleanup policies to comply with financial responsibility requirements for underground storage tanks for one tank or a portfolio of locations with multiple tanks
  • Commercial real estate transactions involving mortgage financing that may require the buyer to maintain pollution liability for the life of the loan

Beyond property and casualty coverage, we work with you to build workforce empowering solutions and benefits, supporting you through benefits consultation, HR administration strategic support, actuarial services, well-being program planning, and more to guarantee that your people remain the biggest asset to your business.

See how our experts can help you run a more efficient business with better workforce support.

Environmental liabilities are often overlooked, frequently underestimated, and sometimes catastrophic — but with careful planning and the right partner, you can significantly mitigate your risks. We’re here to help you work it all out.