Graduate to a new level of security with the help of the industry’s brightest minds.

Education touches every part of our communities — from schools for our children to classes helping our parents meet the future. While that undoubtedly offers rewards we all reap, keeping our education institutions thriving requires a strong workforce and smart risk management.

A good partner can help you come up with a long-term plan to grow your own future, navigate what’s coming, make plans, and help you flourish.

Risk comes in different forms — some more obvious than others. We can help tackle them all, whether building and equipment coverage or more extensive coverage for management and employment practices liability, active shooter coverage, and beyond.

Because one of the greatest risks to an institution of learning is losing the instructors and key people at the heart of it, excellent benefits are vital. If today we're looking at your liabilities and property and casualty coverages, our tomorrow is focusing on keeping your teachers in top shape with wellness programs, revitalized workers’ compensation and disability coverage. We’ll keep working with you to ensure comprehensive, future-forward support for your professionals at every level.

Talk with us today and see how we can support your school or program. Let's set up the right plan to keep you operating at the top of your class for years to come.