Soar to new heights with a partner that helps you navigate even the most turbulent markets.

Aerospace and aviation companies face many unique concerns and challenges. In a growing, changing industry, insulating yourself from occasional mishaps is a good start. Working with an expert partner to develop a comprehensive plan for your company’s future is even better, and NFP offers access to dedicated aviation industry specialists through our Aviation Practice.

Managing and protecting property, employees and business operations – not to mention the complexities of the industry – can quickly become too turbulent to handle. We have experience assisting aerospace and aviation companies with every aspect of their risk management and benefits picture, and are ready to you flourish.

Working alongside our aviation specialists, you’ll be better equipped to identify potential exposures, and ensure you have the best advice in the business. Meanwhile, we’re equipping you with the benefits management tools and HR and retirement professionals to help keep your workforce happy and your offerings compliant.

Our experienced team can save you money, help you attract and retain employees at every level, and put the coverage and programs in place to protect your business and your clients across most segments of the aviation and aerospace industry, including:

  • Air charter services
  • Aircraft fleets
  • Airport operations and related services
  • Aviation maintenance, service and refueling facilities, including sub-component over-haulers and repairers
  • Aviation products and manufacturing operations
  • Business/corporate jets and private aircraft
  • Fixed-base operators
  • Hangers and other aviation properties
  • Helicopters, drones and other aircraft types
  • Pilots

We work with you to better understand your business, your goals and your shortfalls, then leverage the entirety of our comprehensive and innovative intellectual capital, expertise, tools and established relationships across the globe. We push your business forward, with specialized coverages unique to your high-flying organization, from the machinery and equipment that keeps you in the air to the international benefits work that comes with a global operation.

No matter where your business is headed, we’re here to partner with you and help fly into your future. For more information on our aviation, trucking, and auto industry capabilities, explore the Transportation Group.