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What's next for the workplace? Featuring conversations with some of the smartest, most driven and most compassionate people leaders, Humans Resourced is your window into what they do differently. From attracting and retaining talent to finding innovative ways to lead and connect with employees, these conversations offer insights that can help organizations excel today and tomorrow.

Every week, Humans Resourced will be here with a new episode to help people leaders - including, but not limited to, HR leaders and specialists - implement the changes that can make their companies destinations for talent

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About the Moderator

Kyle Healy is a consultant who helps companies devise programs for attracting and retaining the talent needed to support their organizational objectives. He looks at the big picture and designs for what companies are ultimately trying to achieve, rather than only devising solutions for short-term savings. Kyle’s successful battle against cancer fuels his belief in progressive, non-insurance benefit offerings that get employees through difficult times and provide the support families need at their most vulnerable moments.

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