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Your top leaders want a competitive benefit package. You need manageable costs, easy administration and best-in-class support. With us, you have the potential to achieve it all. You'll get customizable plans, proprietary plan administration software — and exceptional service. Our decades of experience balancing cost with competitiveness will take you from plan design consulting, evaluation, analytics and modeling through product placement, education and implementation. Your strategic solution is delivered through one-on-one support and a three-step process.

First, You Get Advice

  • Plan design consulting: Your open-architecture design plan lets you evaluate contribution sources, distribution options, funding considerations and investment choices.
  • Documentation: You'll get compliant documentation based on the specific benefit plan design you choose.
  • Implementation and enrollment: Your design includes a detailed timeline, coordinated data exchanges, administration guidelines and enrollment materials customized for your company.

Next, You Get Guidance

  • Case design and modeling: You’ll have benefit plan design analytics, including “What if?” modeling, detailed cash flow, and profit and loss forecasts. Your financial analytics will include testing for premium sustainability, investment drag and carrier/product analysis.
  • Investment option analysis: You’ll get an analysis of your financial hedge offsetting your plan liabilities as well as a draft of your investment policy statement. We’ll also conduct due diligence reviews and provide guidance on fund and asset allocation models.
  • Product placement: Your product selection assistance will include an educational component customized for your company’s needs.
  • Conversion: Your transition plan will be executed by a talented team of experienced professionals.

Then You Get Personalized Service That Amazes You

  • Record keeping and administration: We can provide plan contribution processing and plan reporting to participants and sponsors. You'll also get asset support and corporate-owned/bank-owned life insurance services. Premium processing and cash value reporting are included as well.
  • Web access: You'll have access to dedicated participant and sponsor sites, including international plans, if applicable.
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