Feeling Good About Wellness

How do you make employees feel important? How do you build them a healthy, positive environment that also benefits your company? Consider a comprehensive health and wellness program.

No Canned Plans

Done right, a health and wellness program can engage employees and even help your bottom line by reducing absenteeism and health insurance costs. “Right” means forgetting about pre-packaged solutions that don’t take into account your unique culture and the different types of people who make up your company. That’s why we evaluate your company’s:

  • Culture
  • Mission and vision
  • Demographics and psychographics
  • Strategic goals

We also ask your employees and leadership what inspires them each day and what aspects of wellness they care most about. Then and only then do you get a roadmap for an effective, evidence-based health and wellness program from us. A roadmap designed specifically for your company, not "everybody."

Realistic Costs with Real Returns

You need realistic budget parameters that take into account hard and soft costs. You should also be able to expect reasonable returns. Our services help you make both a reality. We’ll work with you on everything from building incentive programs to developing metrics and ROI targets to analyzing wellness and disease management platforms.

You can rely on us for:

  • Wellness strategy development
  • Planning tools
  • Claim analytics, risk scores and ROI tracking
  • Wellness champion training
  • Incentive design and funding strategy
  • Customizable marketing resources, including employee wellness campaigns and newsletters
  • Intervention and program templates
  • A wellness research library, filled with case studies, best practices and more
  • Access to preferred wellness vendors and discounted pricing opportunities
  • RFP assistance for third-party wellness vendors
  • Strategic employee-facing communications
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