Healthy Employees Are Happy Employees

Health insurance today is a catch-22: insurance costs continue to go up, but your employees want better benefits at lower costs. Your health plan needs to line up with their needs and your company’s goals — without breaking the bank. We’ll work with you to create competitive, fairly priced options with an eye on your bottom line.

We stay on top of the latest in health care reform and consumer-driven health plans so you don’t have to. And because we’re not tied to any vendor or product, you can choose from a whole host of top carriers with a wide range of options.

Crafting Your Plan

You want your health plan to give your employees the coverage they need at a price they – and your company – can afford. That’s why we:

Go deep into your company’s challenges and goals.
First we look at your current plans, programs and financials. Then we explore your overall business strategy, company culture and core values so we can understand your benefits philosophy.

Give you a detailed roadmap of your new plan.
We’ll work with you to choose the health care option that does what you need it to. Then you’ll get a detailed roadmap of how that plan can help meet short- and long-term business goals.

Provide comprehensive, ongoing, data-driven management.
With our smart analytics plan and diagnostics, you can:

  • Monitor plan data and utilization
  • Adhere to health care reform compliance
  • Benchmark
  • Evaluate employee satisfaction
  • Forecast financials

Deliver regular updates on the plan’s performance and make enrollment easy.
Based on the data, we’ll partner with you to develop new strategic initiatives or revisit existing ones. You’ll be armed with information when it’s time to renew your plans and look at the financials. With the right analytics in place, you can project plan costs and see how proposed changes might affect the cost. During enrollment, we’ll help you create a communication program and set up meetings with your employees to explain the plans.

Offer the "extras" that make this health care plan stuff simpler.

  • Compliance audit/review
  • Annual carrier utilization review
  • Benchmarking review
  • CFO/CEO presentation
  • Health care reform analysis
  • Client feedback portal

Rx Solutions

Let us help you contain prescription drug costs while maintaining or improving the quality of care for your employees. We offer evidence-based decision-making and clinical and pharmacy consulting expertise, so employer groups can take advantage of substantial pricing discounts and get tailored consultative solutions to manage pharmacy benefit programs. We offer:

  • Contract management, with best-in-class coalition pricing
  • A team of clinical pharmacists and dedicated account management teams
  • PBM contract analysis and negotiation expertise
  • Clinical cost savings analysis and programs
  • Targeted employee communications
  • Auditing capabilities to ensure contract compliance
  • High cost drug management for specialty and compound drugs

NFP Marketplace

Once your benefits package is in place, you can take advantage of the NFP Marketplace. This private exchange helps you manage costs and offer competitive benefit options to your employees. Using the NFP Marketplace, employees can easily research, compare and enroll in the plan that meets their budget and needs.

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