Preparing for the Unknown Unknowns

Digital records and information make business simpler. But they can also leave your company and customer information vulnerable to cyberattacks. From viruses and records damage to intellectual property and identity theft, the risks are multiplying. In addition to the cost of business interruption, you're at risk for damage to your reputation, and you could lose customers due to lack of trust. Worst of all, most standard policies don't automatically cover cyber risks.

With the right cyber liability experts, you can help protect your company and your digital assets from the bad guys. We can take a look at any current policies you have and identify any gaps. We keep up with current issues and proactively plan for future risks. You'll get an in-depth risk management solution that will evolve with digital trends.

You can choose from a range of coverages, including:

  • Network security: Protection that helps prevent hackers from accessing your system to access or destroy data or transmit a virus.
  • Privacy liability: Coverage if you're unable to protect any private or confidential information that's in your care.
  • Crisis management: Reimbursement for public relations and credit monitoring expenses plus letting customers know about the issue.
  • Extortion/threats: Coverage for expenses from investigating and resolving threats that result from a cyberattack.
  • Business interruption: Protection against potential losses from interruptions due to security breaches.