In today’s competitive market, a robust total rewards and compensation strategy drives business performance.

Aligning compensation programs with market and industry benchmarks results in a compelling value proposition that benefits your entire organization. When your compensation and total rewards initiative inspires your workforce with short- and long-term incentives, the result is a fully engaged and motivated team fueled by performance excellence.

Successfully crafting and articulating the scope of your total rewards package is essential to keeping employees loyal to your organization. Given that the biggest challenge most employers face relates to recruiting and retaining talent, it is imperative for candidates and employees alike to understand your assessment of their value.

Total reward strategies provide a compelling value proposition for your employees.

A sound compensation and total rewards strategy is integral to your EVP. Employers who appropriately reward their talent for bringing their skills, expertise, and optimal performance build a valuable employer brand and enjoy minimal attrition and maximum retention. This tends to radiate outward, attracting the best candidates to help your company grow. When it all comes together, your organization's business goals and objectives are driven forward with the skills, expertise and commitment of a workforce that feels valued.

Optimize total rewards through benchmarking.

The foundation of any market-based compensation program is benchmarking. NFP Human Capital Solutions consultants utilize data specific to the industry, geography and organizational size to ensure accuracy for your business. In conjunction with our team of compensation consultants, we provide independent, third-party compensation planning with incentive and goal-oriented rewards to meet your unique business needs. We offer market-leading expertise and services, including:

  • Customized Total Rewards program creation based on strategic planning, market and industry-specific benchmarking.
  • Designing executive compensation packages utilizing market salary data and long-term incentives tailored to organizational budget and compensation philosophy.
  • Establishing compensation program design that aligns with organizational goals and adapts to the changing market with structured incentive plans for both short- and long-term.
  • Implementing compensation benchmarking to identify gaps and priorities in executive and general employee salary structure.
  • Conducting pay equity audits, pay for performance modeling and compensation reasonableness studies (for nonprofits).

NFP’s Compensation and Total Rewards experts can help you establish and execute strategies designed to deliver long-term success. Whether your goal is to develop incentive plans for long-term retention or create packages that will immediately impact recruiting, we know that people-first rewards programs improve overall business performance.