Empower a more robust HR offering with a partner dedicated to putting people first.

You know how important it is to work toward a happy and productive workforce, but you may be lacking the time and energy it takes to manage your HR infrastructure. You don’t have to choose between focusing on your business and maximizing your HR functions with our HR consultants as your partners. Our HR consultants have the HR services and HR technology at their disposal to make it possible to streamline the entire HR process from hiring employees all the way to retirement. Our experts in HR have the potential to impact every aspect of your business, from cutting costs and saving time to enhancing your employees’ well-being.

If your in-house team has time-sensitive projects to complete, hiring HR consultants will help them get the assistance they need. If you’re considering investing in HR consulting, here are three key benefits.


Hiring an HR consultant will give you access to expert knowledge and skills you may not currently have within your HR department. Hiring an HR professional to fill a specific skillset can be time consuming and tax your company’s resources, but you can save yourself time and resources by working with our experienced HR consultants to get the right fit.


Rather than invest in countless hours of training current employees and hiring new trainers, working with a team who specializes in HR tasks can reduce the amount of time and resources needed to accomplish your HR goals. This lets you focus on your company and continue business as usual while still allowing your current staff to utilize their skills to the best of their abilities.


Does your company have too much on its plate or are you looking for new, better ways to deal with common issues? Having a third party’s outside perspective can help management make the best decisions possible. NFP’s HR consultants can coach and work with your company’s management to handle a variety of HR issues to help improve daily operations.

NFP’s vast experience in the field of HR consulting give you access to in-depth analysis of choices, design, costs and the supporting due diligence needed for the successful implementation of any new HR initiative. We guide you with ongoing reporting and administrative services as well as monitor future obligations of your employee benefits plans.

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