Harness the power of a serious recruiting and retention advantage through the support of experts ready to put in the work.

Your company depends on the talents of its key executives. They depend on you to help them save for retirement. Unfortunately, government rules restrict the amount of money these highly compensated employees can contribute to tax-deferred plans, like a 401(k). In fact, they may be able to replace only 30% to 50% of their salary — unless you offer a deferred compensation plan. And we know exactly how to give you this serious recruiting and retention advantage.

A properly designed deferred compensation plan allows you to provide your top performers an affordable, nonqualified solution to the "retirement gap." Whether they're domestic or international employees, we can design, implement and administer a highly personalized plan that benefits both them and your company.

Your affordable, tailored plans will be smoothly executed and are backed by financing options, an implementation timetable and plan administration services, including:

  • Participant investment option processing
  • Contribution earnings/losses allocation
  • Maintenance of balance information
  • Calculation and tracking of vesting schedules and distributions
  • Creation of plan liability reports for asset rebalancing