Your people are integral to the success of your business.

Taking a holistic approach to your entire benefits program and ensuring each piece works together can go a long way. It can help your company attract – and keep – high-performing, loyal employees while satisfying legal, regulatory and cost requirements. But building a program precisely tuned for your organization, one based on your size, location, number of employees, demographics and type of business that has the room to evolve with the world you work in, is a great challenge.

The right partner can work with you to make it all come together.

The NFP approach to planning, analyzing, designing and implementing a benefits program is comprehensive and rigorous. It starts with getting to know your business and employee needs. We start with listening to understand everything from your vision and strategic goals to employee demographics and current healthcare spend.

Provide More for Your People with Exceptional Employee Benefits

Our goal is to understand your company’s culture, employee demographics, employee benefits insurance and programs, perceived value of the benefits programs and current or expected challenges. Because at the end of the day, a successful and effective corporate benefits program is one that supports and reflects your company vision.

The process begins with effective and transparent data gathering. Using this data to build a road map, tapping into both analytics and diagnostics, we help you identify and pursue a benefits strategy solution. One that’s designed to help you realize your vision and meet the demands of your business, and that’s embraced by the organization and improves employee outcomes.

We work with you to weigh cost containment with employee freedom and satisfaction, compliance obligations with business interests, and employer investment with employee retirement readiness.

Help Employees Empower Themselves with Voluntary Benefits

Employees – even well-compensated employees – are struggling financially.

This often leads to stress, anxiety and further health issues, leaving employees distressed in and out of the office and constantly in search of solutions.

Whether they’re living paycheck to paycheck, looking for help covering unexpected medical costs or even value quality of life benefits even more than the tried-and-true higher salary strategy,

Fortunately, voluntary benefits can help.

Voluntary benefits options can include supplementary benefits, ancillary benefits and lifestyle benefits.

Using voluntary benefits as a benefits completion strategy helps employees cover expenses and avoid debt while helping employers build benefit programs that are competitive, hyper-personalized and deliver choice to your workforce without having to increase healthcare budgets.

Ancillary Benefits

Ancillary benefits are employer sponsored benefits that employees commonly expect to see offered alongside their medical plan options. They are often either fully or partially paid by employers, and include coverage like dental, vision, life insurance, long-term care insurance and disability insurance (long-term disability insurance or short-term disability insurance).

Supplementary Benefits

Supplementary benefits are optional benefits paid for through employee payroll deductions that fill in the gaps in traditional health plans. These health benefits include things like copay assistance, accident coverage, critical illness and cancer insurance options, hospital indemnity, fertility care coverage and more.

Lifestyle Benefits

Proactive lifestyle benefits are where many employers are differentiating themselves. These benefits address specific pain points in employees’ lives, and are a good way to improve customization for little to no increased spend. These include student loan repayment assistance, pet insurance and legal support.

Ultimately, voluntary benefits are about giving employees the opportunity to complete their benefits package their way. This flexibility helps your current workforce be more focused and productive — and can help you attract new top-talent as well.

Work Together Toward Greater Success with a Benefits Management Partner

A smart workforce engagement strategy involves more than just responding to employee needs. It’s about having the tools to drive insight and innovative solutions.

Reduce paperwork, automate benefits enrollment, eliminate inefficiencies, manage compliance and drive employee messaging and behavior with strategically oriented and custom-tailored HR/talent management solutions that improve employee engagement and performance; attract, grow and retain top talent; and increase efficiency and profits. Our range of services includes talent acquisition, compensation benchmarking and design, training and development, performance management, employee relations, HR administration, payroll and HR compliance.

These days, technology runs the game. But technology without proper management and implementation is just an expensive toy. HR specialists can help you sort through the options and decide which tools will deliver the most value per dollar for your company.

Whether you’re looking to implement an entirely new platform or evaluate and identify improvements to the one you have, we use our extensive knowledge of the crowded software solutions field to act as your advocate. We ask the right questions and provide an independent view. Our proprietary decision-making tool cuts through the noise of the marketplace, helping you match your needs to the most appropriate technology vendors.

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Our goal is to help you lower costs, adapt to change and simplify your day-to-day process.

Retain Your Key Decision Makers with Top-Flight Executive Benefits Packages

Replacing a high-earner can cost a lot. From screening and interviewing to morale and institutional knowledge, the direct and indirect cost of replacing a key-executive can reach up 400% or more of their annual salary.

But higher pay isn’t the only answer. Top leaders demand competitive benefits packages. They’re not simply looking for a pat on the back. They want to see – in tangible ways – that you recognize and appreciate their efforts in making your company a success.

Executive benefits are benefits strategies crafted to support the specific needs of high earners and help you retain these key people. Offering a competitive benefits program for your top people can give your company an advantage in recruiting, motivating and retaining the driving force behind your business. Our executive benefits team is singularly focused on helping you build an engaging and rewarding executive compensation program

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We apply a rigorous process that starts with plan design consulting, evaluation, analytics and modeling, and continues with product placement, education and implementation and provide the resources to maintain your programs with record keeping, administration and ongoing participant support.

Getting It to All Work Together with NFP

Your workforce is always changing, growing and evolving in its needs. As an organization looking to find and keep the talent you need, it’s your job to exceed their expectations.

We see the full picture – and think differently about rewards and employee engagement – so you can satisfy your employees while keeping costs reasonable. Our experts have access to best-in-class carriers, and can support you from benefits selection to enrollment and beyond.

We see beyond the benefits to the people who use them so that we can offer solutions that work best for you, your business and, most importantly, your employees. Our experts are ready to help you better manage costs, help your workforce overcome big challenges and elevate overall loyalty, well-being and productivity in a way that helps them understand the value.

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