Mergers and Acquisitions

The NFP family is continuously empowering businesses to build from their strengths and grow.

The diversity of perspectives, experiences and best practices people bring to our community creates unique opportunities to learn, share and grow together. This culture has proven to be very attractive to firms looking for something different and lasting.

Doug Hammond, Chairman and CEO

NFP is a growth company and our growth is driven by our ability to attract high-performing firms, expand our community, and be a catalyst to elevate value for you and your clients. Regardless of your success to date, you have an appetite for more. You’re eager to learn, share and collaborate while advancing your ability to compete as industry consolidation continues. Your sustained success and entrepreneurial spirit afford you a variety of options. NFP represents an attractive home with an innovative, diverse, people-focused community and ambitious plans for expansion.

Regional Offices

Focused Expansion

Acquisition strategy allows NFP to expand our presence in underrepresented regions, round out service capabilities and product expertise, and gain economies of scale.

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Respecting Who You Are

When you join NFP, the last thing we want to do is impose our corporate DNA on you. Instead, we want to learn what’s made you successful, better understand how you help clients overcome their biggest challenges, and integrate your DNA into our community. We respect who you are, the impact you’ve had on your clients and your community, and the people who comprise your organization. We improve by building from what you’ve achieved, preserving the great things you’re doing, and creating paths to grow your business, relationships and people.

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A Beginning, Not an End

It’s easy to say you’re not an exit strategy, but it’s harder to prove it. Our retention is driven by value, and the principals who choose to remain with us for years after joining continue to see it. Access to expanded offerings and specialized intellectual capital – in P&C, corporate benefits, individual solutions, retirement and wealth management – that provide an opportunity to offer more comprehensive, integrated solutions. Resources to fund acquisitions and producer recruiting, advance operational efficiency, and build on your foundation of success. Sales enablement tools, resources and content to engage clients throughout the buying process. Our goal is simple: proactively collaborate with you to accelerate organic growth and ensure the perpetuity of your practice.

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Leverage Company Capital

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Enhance Organic Growth


Back Office and Sales Support

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Producer Recruiting

Integration the Right Way

Welcoming firms to our community deserves a disciplined process that aligns with our focus on growth and our passion for strong personal relationships based on trust, transparency and active communication. It starts with a conversation about where you are today with your clients, your team and your markets, recognizing any challenges, and deciding together on the best path forward.

From there, NFP’s Integration Management Office (IMO) leads a cross-functional group of professionals – from HR, technology, accounting, risk management and marketing – focused on collaborative and seamless transitions that minimize business disruption and maximize value. The IMO is your key point of contact during the transition period to strategically integrate your office, providing crucial oversight within our 100-day plan. The IMO partners with you on tailored objectives, actions and timelines – supported by clear expectations and communication – to ensure we get off to a great start.

Access to Corporate Resources and Industry Experts

  • Functional leaders (e.g., Finance, HR, IT, Marketing) are actively involved.
  • Pre-acquisition – learn the nuances of the business.
  • During integration – apply NFP perspective and industry knowledge.

Partner with NFP Offices in Your Region

  • Allows you to build your presence nationally and across product lines.
  • Provides tactical support and on-the-ground perspective.

Clear, Effective-Yet-Manageable Timeline

  • 100-day integration plan tailored for each acquisition pre-close and kicked off the day after close.
  • IMO sets the cadence of integration and drives the decision-making process.

An Experienced Team

We believe in making a strong first impression. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of professionals with extensive M&A experience to take the lead in building a relationship with you. The team invests time in getting to know where you’ve been and where you want to go, discussing the mutual benefits of partnering, and formulating a structure that aligns with our shared objectives. Along the way, we involve executives and business line leaders who provide additional context and perspective. From our first interaction, through due diligence, to integration, the team is focused on sustainable success. 

The NFP Difference

  • A people-first culture driven by recognition, community, well-being, development and inclusion
  • Open and transparent communication with a willingness to listen to new ideas
  • Proactive collaboration across businesses and roles that inspires the celebration of all successes
  • Team-driven sales enablement based on where the industry is headed, not where it’s been
  • Consistent recognition as one of the best places to work in insurance
  • An integration process that minimizes business disruption and maximizes value
  • A global network of expertise and solutions across business lines and industries
  • “What if” innovation connecting problems with solutions to enhance outcomes for clients
  • A nimble, growing brand defined by deep relationships, expertise and community
  • Sales growth potential supported by national buying power and operational efficiency
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NFP Mergers & Acquisitions Team

To learn more about NFP, our culture and our focus on growth, please contact:

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Adam Favale

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Owen Chung

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Chris DiMeo

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